PHP Development

Since 2001 Iflexion has been delivering tailored PHP applications for customers worldwide. We have accumulated more than 350 man-years of PHP development experience. Our major operation areas can be divided into 2 large groups:

1. Advanced domain-specific solutions

We apply in-depth business analysis, detailed prototyping, careful project planning, management and coordination to achieve objectives and mitigate project risks.

2. Simple yet interactive web sites, e-carts and web services

Mainstream solutions/procedures with less bureaucracy for smaller projects and pilot engagements allow us to deliver excellent results while reducing costs and timelines.


Websites and Internet Portals

Advanced PHP solutions development and integration:

Public enterprise portals
Customer portals
Web frontend for software products and systems
Corporate and promo websites, online stores, web forms

Websites and Internet Portals

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Web and Enterprise Portals


We deliver a full spectrum of ecommerce solutions:

B2C and B2B marketplaces
Secure payments & billing
Online stores

Supply chain management
Ad Networks


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Ecommerce Solutions
News & Entertainment Portals

High performance solutions with rich editorial capabilities.

Content management and authoring
Editorial tools
News feeds management
Media distribution facilities

Media Content Distribution

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Media Content Distribution
Social Networking

Solutions that help people interact, contribute and collaborate online.

Social commerce
Online communities
Enterprise 2.0 solutions
Adding social features to existing solutions
Integration with popular social networks

Social Networking

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Social Networking
Mobile Web

Mobile web and native applications development (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry) to make your web services available from mobile devices.

Mobile Development

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Mobile Development

How We Work


Mobility, flexibility and close attention to customers’ needs are our major collaboration principles. Iflexion’s cooperation models enable us to launch projects at short notice, especially when time-to-market is vital.

We are totally committed to long-term partnerships based on high quality servicing — from pilots to complex ambitious projects. Iflexion PHP Team

We have a team of 75+ PHP professionals driven by a pool of mature project managers, architects and senior PHP developers, who form over 60% of the whole team.

We pay special attention to our team’s professional development and continuously nourish it with personnel trainings and motivation, knowledge sharing and performance monitoring.

Dedicated PHP Team Availability.

Together with Fixed Price projects and Time & Material model Iflexion makes available for its customers Dedicated PHP Teams — starting at 3 months involvement.

The common allocation time for the core members of the dedicated team is 2-4 weeks
Our resource pool is scalable enough to expand the team by adding up to 4 members weekly
We ensure best-match resource allocation, seamless communication and extensive bidirectional knowledge transfer enabling fast team productivity growth


PHP 5 and Legacy Solutions

Iflexion team works with PHP 5+ and provides a set of services for legacy systems written in PHP 4+:

Support and extension of legacy systems
Application and data migration from earlier PHP versions

We extensively use a number of proven frameworks that accelerate development process.

Full Support of LAMP
Iflexion provides seamless all-round development for LAMP stack:

PHP development under Linux OS (Debian, Ubuntu, SUSE Linux, RedHat Linux, Fedora)
Professional MySQL database development and optimization
Multi-tier web server architecture design, setup, configuration and fine tuning
Application deployment, stabilization and ongoing maintenance
Naturally, we also work with:
AMP bundle running on Windows servers
Web servers other than Apache — ngnix, IIS, etc.

Technology Skills for Each Application Layer

By carefully applying profound architectural skills and PHP development best practices Iflexion builds well-designed PHP applications that overcome all the major challenges facing modern web applications.
Open architecture to increase maintainability and support your business growth with painless extensions and improvements in the future.
Security for sensitive business data and transactions, including OWASP and PCI DSS pre-certification preparations if needed.
High load resistance and scalability achieved by smart multi-tier architecture, load balancing solutions, data layer optimization and utilizing appropriate technologies and protocols like FastCGI.
Application integration with third-party web services, payment systems, corporate software etc., and custom API development and documentation.
Rich user interface based on high usability standards. In addition to vast experience in developing PHP presentation layer we have solid skills in other relevant technologies to boost UI interactivity: Ajax, jQuery, ExtJS, Google AJAX API and YahooUI.
Clean and well-commented code to enable code-level knowledge transfer and increase application maintainability. To improve overall application code quality we widely use analysis tools: PHP_CodeSniffer, PHP Depend, PHP Copy/Paste Detector and PMD.

Blackmount PHP tech stack

Profound experience in utilizing open-source search engines:

Start a PHP Project

Starting a project with Blackmount is easy. Simply post a request, call or e-mail us to start. Each project is handled by a team of professionals that always includes a business analyst and a technical expert. The team is involved from early stages of your enquiry to avoid vision gaps, clearly understand project goals and elaborate the optimal project execution strategy.